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IoT HOME Lab’s 12 Cultural norms

Cultural principles to live by


These are cultural tenets that define us and orient us in our community, and guides our approach to solving problems with technological innovations. We aim to impact our community while having fun and being a steward of it!

These serve as our mantra and way of doing things for the good at IoT Home Lab.


Embrace the slightly uncomfortable.


Favor failure over fear, not just fail quickly and learn.


Our Agile-teams’ success leads to our long-term collective goals then profitability


Leadership means to serve by example and be in front with others and serving customer by customer, providing a positive example.


Deliver solutions to problems that can be collaboratively solved but create further questions. Asking what did we solve today that can give rise to these new problems tomorrow?


Adopt a “yes can-do” team strategy, and work around the box, not around the clock.


Best practice is mediocrity. We can be disruptively innovative.


Our outcomes must exceed customer success criteria.


Customer oriented means Employees are served first, then our Customers.


Be the thought provoker, not the thought killer.


Creative technology partnerships with a different personality and thinker type- one you’re uncomfortable with and attack a common solution or compromise to fix the problem.


Take smart, calculated risks, and reward yourself with the adrenaline rush and satisfaction that comes afterwards.