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Solution Design in Practice

Driving Cloud Computing Analytics via Solution Design in Practice

Think of a blue sky, then picture that blue sky filled with things that allow the everyday things you use to automatically sense that connectedness, allowing these capabilities to help you stay connected within your network in a secure and private way.  Key examples might be a connected car network, or a grid of solar panels that  communicate with a centralized cloud network for usage tracking, or set of peer-based smart cameras that automatically share/upload images with metrics based on time of day. These capabilities exist within the realm of possibility and are being developed- in some form or another, with or without our conscious knowledge- and engineered by major companies, universities and R&D  labs each and every single day. The IoT HomeLab brings together a collection of ethics-based problem-solving attributes to your IoT problems and use cases for an outcome-based solution for your IoT connectivity needs.

As a team, we offer compliance-based consulting, cloud architecture & professional services  for your Industrial, City Community and Business Enterprise IoT framework (business ecosystem).  Engineering through us will allow further precise security, monitoring and secure enablement of connecting devices and analyzing using Big Data dashboards from always-on device feeds within a smart city or a smart factory.  HomeLab develops a feasibility approach measuring IoT, Big Data and Cloud Analytics and allows you to connect and test against them and how your devices respond, in agile and innovative ways – securely, privately, and at scale.  You will feel at home with working with our personable and lab-proven architect(s). Contact us to schedule a no-obligation needs-assessment session, to learn about your business, your project reqirements and what your needs or use cases are for IoT Enterprise and / or Industrial IoT connectivity.  Help and assistance with the process lifecycle of hardening your IoT architecture on one of our certified solutions is only a phone call and web-ex away.

Who does IoT HomeLab serve? The industries we serve are global city administrations, state agencies, real estate private companies that are building smart cities, manufacturing, utilities, and those following the move to well-defined technology standards in a digital future.  We find that each city and each industrial business has specific or custom requirements so we begin brainstorming a solution around them and act as a technical and business co-pilot to design a simpler-to-deploy and end-to-end solution.

Contact us  to learn more about the requirements and problems that we can partner with you to solve.