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Beyond Expectations

IoT HomeLab seeks to build services that satisfy business, compliance and industry requirements but over and above seeks to exceed client expectations

IoT - Smart City Build

This design technique builds / ingests requirements to map to the specific city plan outcomes derived of  state government administration or privatized line of business for city technology development. To do this, HomeLab requires a process of deep analysis and vetting of city business, urban and legal (compliance) requirements as a system of inputs and outputs against current IoT technologies with the highest security standards HomeLab utilizes the SABSA model and AWS IoT, Azure IoT, and Google Cloud IoT Core services .

IIoT - Industry 4.0 Build

This design technique utilizes the SABSA model as well as other design approach considerations for achieving the business goals of a hardware & software-based manufacturing line of business (LoB enterprise).  HomeLab utilizes the SABSA model and AWS IoT, Azure IoT, and Google Cloud IoT Core services as we do with the SMART City Architecture Service.

Cloud Computing Design

This initial concept to production design service provides the framework of a cloud deployment, from build to automation.  We design and build with cloud code, end-to-end multi-region deployments. HomeLab also specializes in purpose-built AWS, Microsoft Azure Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform to connect designs of private cloud or on-premise architectures to enable a standards-based deployment.

Cloud Compliance Services

This series of cloud-level audits provides vetting models and tests against a multi-cloud deployment to ensure it will meet the rigor of a set of governance requirements, i.e. HIPAA, HI-TRUST, GDPR or PCI-DSS compliance.  We establish a process to certify BAA agreements with AWS, Azure and Google. These will map client requirements to meet the outcome of cloud infrastructure that meets specific federal-infrastructure compliance initiatives.

Cloud Optimization Assessment

IoT HomeLab leads in analysis as well as design and will do a thorough and complete scan of each cloud account’s resources.  This scan will output an analysis report that is presented to a client’s executive staff and involves a certified architect’s skilled assumptions and review of a client’s architecture framework – including network, compute, security, storage and all the business factors including cost of instances. HomeLab will participate with our client partner in an ongoing assessment & audit service on either a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis.


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