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About Us

We are NOT a commercial software vendor.
We ARE a community-oriented team of software
and cloud-trained technical and business architects.


IoT HomeLab in a Nutshell

How We Got Started

An aspiring group of business & solution architects set to change the world, with a single architectural approach that is measurable, proven and standards compliant.

What We Really Do

IoT Home Lab is not a reseller of software, we are a full services cloud-oriented business consulting, design, and technology firm.

Our Founder

J. Kristian Gonzalez, is a cloud digital guru and AWS / Azure certified and Google enterprise IT architect.

What Sets Us Apart

Each of our hybrid architects and business consultants solve a client problem one stack at a time.

Our Mission

IoT HomeLab will educate as well in the endeavor to be a community steward in our role as a design and architect consultant to help achieve the business output of a more secure and functional future for Cloud solutions inside and outside of the IoT industry.

Our Work

We accept and bid on smart factory & smart city contract projects that is within our design scope all over the globe.  The digital industry is changing at a rapid pace and companies are shaping the industry with cleverly-engineered and desgined products, but they are using different standards.


IoT Home Lab, LLC seeks to build services that satisfy business, compliance and industry requirements but over and above seeks to exceed client expectations.

IoT Smart City Build

Builds / ingests requirements to map to the specific city plan… learn more

IIoT Industry 4.0 Build

Utilizes the SABSA model as well as other design approach considerations… learn more

Cloud Compliance Services

Series of cloud-level audits provides vetting models and tests… learn more

Cloud Computing Design

This provides the framework of a cloud deployment… learn more

Cloud Optimization Assessment

Thorough and complete scan of each cloud account’s resources… learn more


Globally Recognized and Certified

We secure global cloud architecture.

And go beyond expectations on multi-cloud & IoT security deployment



We Vet the conceptual designs and business requirements in seeking to clarify them.


We Co-pilot with our client staff, and test with their operations groups.


We Build a holistic architecture according to agreed-upon requirements for your business to meet industry compliance standards.


We Validate that we have met the operational and business goals of the organization.

An innovative cloud-design architecture firm based in Phoenix, AZ.

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